The Stage Glass or glass platen is the maximum usually damaged part on you Overhead Projector. I would really like to proportion a number of the stories that I even have had the satisfaction of being attentive to when my customers name in looking to replace this part.

Replacing your Overhead Projector Stage Glass might be one of the easiest repair jobs that any end user of an Overhead Projector can carry out. What is a Stage Glass? It is the glass platen wherein you lay your transparencies whilst projectors. The Stage Glass or Glass platen as some may additionally confer with it, is one of the most usually replaced elements on an Overhead Projector these days.

Now unfortunately it is easy to grow to be careworn on which Replacement Stage Glass your Overhead Projector can also need as there’s no fashionable size or shape to anyone manufacturer’s Stage Glass, whether or not it’s 3M, Dalite, Buhl, Eiki, Bell & Howell, Dukane or Elmo, Stage Glasses come in many different sizes and configurations.

Some Stage Glass may additionally have beveled edges on the duration of the glass on one facet or two facets. Some Stage Glass might also have reduce corners, occasionally referred to as clipped corners on all 4 corners or corners.
Some Stage Glass are known as hardened glass. Hardened glass is a mainly warmness dealt with glass making it a whole lot greater durable than the typical annealed glass used in most Overhead Projectors.

Some Stage Glass is held in with clips, whilst different Stage Glass is held in with double sided tape. So as you could see there are a extensive range of variables on the subject of an Overhead Projector Stage Glass.

If you’ve got a Stage Glass this is held in with double sided tape the vintage tape ought to be removed and replaced earlier than the new glass is established. It isn’t always encouraged to use rose gold glasses frames the identical double sided tape in your new Stage Glass.

In a few instances, the manufacturer does now not assist you to purchase the Stage Glass if it calls for double sided tape to reinstall. In the ones times you will be required to buy a new top cover assembly with the Stage Glass already set up for you. In a few instances once you have purchased the new pinnacle cover the Stage Glass might be held in with clips as opposed to the double sided tape, allowing any destiny glass replacements to virtually require the purchase of simply the Stage Glass.

So how do some of these Stage Glass get broken? Well here are some of the most commonplace testimonies we pay attention:

I used my Overhead Projector as: a step stool, a ladder, a desk pinnacle to staple files,
a work bench, or as a chair.

Some oldsters choose to knock or drag them of carts, whilst others simply get completely pressured out and throw them.

One of my favored stories thus far is one that I heard just currently. The client turned into seemingly very disillusioned that they had simply damaged their Stage Glass. After I had completed requesting all of the pertinent information they felt the want to relieve a number of their strain by explaining how the Stage Glass changed into damaged. It seemed to be a terrific concept at the time for them to pick up a totally massive book as their weapon of preference in opposition to the fly that have been torturing all of them day. The ebook became launched in the direction of the fly, appeared to be right heading in the right direction because it smashed via the glass. Unfortunately for them, the fly predicted their method and evacuated simply in time to get out of the way of the book simplest to live on some other day. Let’s wish some other Overhead Projector Stage Glass would not see the identical death.